Contour Art Gallery is a gallery on tour aiming to represent its artists by looking for the best possible places to exhibit their works. Artistic ideas and their expression vary so greatly that one fixed space alone isn’t capable of presenting art in its best setting. The constant change of exhibition spaces not only creates new contexts for the artists’ ideas, but also lets the viewer see work from different perspectives, forming new, broader approaches to the artwork.


Gehard Demetz / Laisvydė Šalčiūtė. Coming Out.PALAZZO DUCALE MANTOVA MUSEUM COMPLEX La GALLERIA CONTEMPORARY ART5 April - 26 May 2019

Art Madrid’19

2019 February 27-March 3. Rūta Vadlugaitė. „ONE Project‘19". Art Madrid’19

Art Verona 2018

Contour Art Gallery will be participating in Art Verona 2018. We will show works by Laisvydė Šalčiūtė, Eglė Ridikaitė and Rūta Vadlugaitė.