Artist Eglė Gineitytė is a creator of silent paintings. These paintings are not overladen with details or action, but rather contain space for reflection and meditation. Although at first sight they may transmit an impression of tranquillity, a deeper look leads to impressions of upcoming changes, of turning points. The painter does not try to keep up with political or social events; the importance and relevance of her works lie in their reflections of the human condition, in their evocation of borderline situations.
Abstract figures, or figures of the artist herself and her friends, are painted with exceptional attention to the colour. Faceless figures in Eglė Gineitytė’s paintings radiate a similar sense of loneliness as Kazimir Malevich’s figurative canvases.

Eglė loves to meditate with painting tools – she tests different paints on different fundaments, and patiently waits to see what will happen with the colour or with the form of the painting. She carries out hundreds of tests on different surfaces, and then tries reiterating them on canvas. This is a difficult process because the paint reacts to each surface differently. Eglė persists until she gets her desired result – she closely observes and waits to see what will transpire.

Eglė Gineitytė: “Painting for me is colour, light, form. When I am thinking about creating, I let an idea enter my mind, and when I start believing in this idea, I start searching for my own truth about the meaning of the world through my painting. Painting is a way for me to search for answers to the questions I have. I want to paint what I feel when I see and hear my environment.

Each time I expect a better decision, and each time it takes longer, even though it seems that waiting is not possible anymore. Maybe time is needed for feelings and ideas to mature?

I am inspired by transformations and changes in nature. Therefore, landscapes predominate in my paintings. Landscape is open space with constant motion in various directions. Sometimes there is a place for a form, a figure or a character in a constructed space. These figures are myself or another real person. The image in my mind is different to the one transferred onto canvas – some elements disappear, some appear; some elements are unknown, and some are new discoveries.

I want to squeeze together the contents of light, colour, sound and scent, and to create the most important essence – the most important for that day, that hour, that minute, that moment”.

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