Dainius Trumpis

Opening on the 2nd of September
Starting at Pamėnkalnio galerija, Pamėnkalnio str. 1, Vilnius at 6 pm
Continuing at Contour Art Gallery, Lydos str. 4-59, Vilnius at 7 pm

Contour Art Gallery
III, IV, V 15:00–19:00, VI 13:00–17:00
Outside these hours by arrangement with the gallery
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Pamėnkalnio galerija II, III, IV, V 10:00–18:00, VI 10:00–16:00

Artist Dainius Trumpis, represented by Contour Art Gallery at the exhibition Tin, presents haut relief objects that impart a new metaphysical value to ready-made and industrial materials.

Material and corporeal, composed on galvanized metal tin plates, works in Trumpis’ Mundane series are distinct for their unusual expression of metaphysical constructivism.

In an attempt to find a new means of expression that has value and is aesthetically engaging to a creator open to today’s interdisciplinary world, Trumpis produces a context of merging experiences from his personal life, his practice as a metalworker, and his exotic journeys to the East, which is displayed here following the exhibition And the Grass will Cover It All held last summer in Klaipėda. Inspired by his trip to India where the work of making household goods, cooking, and daily life all take place in the street, in full view of everyone, Dainius Trumpis brings back to life his young days’ skills of metalwork, making them newly relevant.

According to Trumpis, this has stimulated him to focus on “the works of art inspired by the  basic and the mundane. Here, the Mundane is transcendentally exalted in the sense that it […] reveals itself in all its mystic reality, through materiality, smell, reflections and sounds. […] The smell of metal, the sound, the colour and reflectivity reminds me fragmentarily of the work and my days spent at the metal processing factory handling metal in a variety of ways – milling, tuning, and grinding. The matte or glossy nature of the materials would evoke a range of associations for me and pinch my imagination which transformed a banal work of a lathe worker into a different, bizarre mundanity full of images and visions. […] It has not disappeared, but in instead  has remained ingrained in my consciousness and still appears in different shapes and forms of the vibrating, mysterious and inspiring Mundane Existence

The artist’s most recently exhibited works are unexpectedly appealing. Haut relief objects of the Mundane series, elevated from the mundane towards existence, pulsate with a Scandinavian minimalism of freshly galvanized metal tin and abstract expressionism of a pastel alkyd enamel paint. They stand out in the panoramic landscape of the Lithuanian contemporary art thanks to the harmony of rational sensuality, existential anxiety and inner peace that is so important these days.

Elona Lubytė

Dainius Trumpis was born in 1971 in Šiauliai where he still resides and creates. In 2009, he graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the Pedagogical University of Šiauliai. He studied at the Helsinki Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture during the Erasmus/Socrates exchange programme in 2008.

Trumpis has been participating in exhibitions since 2008, holding solo exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Member of the Lithuanian Painters’ Union since 2009.

Trumpis’ works have been acquired by the Mark Rothko Arts Centre (Daugavpils, Latvia), MO museum (Vilnius), the Šiauliai Aušra museum, and private collectors in Lithuania and overseas.

This exhibition is being held in two locations – at Contour Art Gallery, Lydos str. 4-59, Vilnius and Lithuanian Painters’ Union gallery Pamėnkalnio galerija, Pamėnkalnio str. 1, Vilnius