Dainius Trumpis was born in Siauliai. The artist is the member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 2009. As well as chairman of Siauliai Artists’ Union since 2017.

Dainius has a Master’s degree in Arts from Siauliai University (2009) and Helsinki TAIK University of Art and Design in Finland (2008). The artists has organized 27 solo exhibitions, more than 50 grouped ones, participated in various international art projects, which have been granted by cultural and art awards.

Syria, India, Morocco, China, Kazakhstan are just a few countries apart from Europe, where Lithuanian artists has traveled and created. By mixing multicultural influences with the memories from the childhood, Dainius Trumpis does not restrict himself in the way of expression. Painting, sculpture, objects, assemblages, sculptural compositions – it all belongs to artist’s interpretation and sense of aesthetic.
The artist’s painting is characterized as an expressive, however with restrained stroke, abstraction is changed into figurativeness, and bright, contrasting colors are dominating. Meanwhile, sculptural installations, assemblies explore the questions which are raised from the light, memory and the past. Dainius’ works hide undisclosed story which is strongly connected with his life experience which was incurred during different periods of his life. The involvement and imagination of the viewer may revive many various stores from artist’ works.

Dainius Trumpis works are in the collections of Lithuanian Presidency, Mark Rothk Art Center, Daugavpils, Siauliai Ausra Museum and private collections in Lithuania and abroad.