Diana Remeikyte. Watercolor. Mutation 46.


Watercolor on print making (etching) paper. 54 × 78 cm

These watercolours speak of things that do not exist in reality. Against the white background of textured paper, the silhouettes of fantastic animals stand out – animals that we do not encounter in everyday life; they do not exist, but we have certainly imagined them or met them in a dream and can recognize them. They resemble the real ones, but their slightly altered shapes reveal they do not belong to this reality. However, on the same white paper, the animals begin to change in front of one’s eyes and turn into shapes and forms that the viewers should identify themselves. The animals mutate, thus forming a cycle of “Mutations”.
This watercolour became the prototype for the carpet – the same motif from transparent paint on paper is transformed into a heavy carpet plane, gaining weight, materiality, and texture.