Silk Screen Print. Laisvydė Šalčiūtė. Orlando. A Biography. 2011. Edition 9 of 12


Laisvydė Šalčiūtė creates paintings, artistic installations, artistic objects, photographs, graphics, drawings, literary texts. The series ‘Orlando. A Biography’, have been realized in 2011 and consist of 29 silk screen prints.

This series of works are homonymous with Virginia Woolf’s novel ‘Orlando. A Biography’ of 1928. The protagonist of the novel is not subject to gender or time constraints and lives a life of oscillating sex through the ages. In this series of artworks artist was interested in transforming reality into a traumatic phantasm or a dream in a dream. From random images and quotations resourced from the Internet, artist has fabricated visual puns on distance, scarcity, desire and images of disintegrating identity and illusion as existing in indefinite time and space. A (photo) novel ‘ORLANDO. A BIOGRAPHY’ is inspired by the idea of the relativity of gender, but is no longer directly related with the original literature work. Nor does it necessarily have anything to do with our reality, but rather complements and extends its perception.

Dimensions 90×60