Violeta Bubelytė

Violeta Bubelytė

Photo by Violeta Bubelytė

Violeta Bubelytė is a Lithuanian photography artist who has been depicting herself nude in different contexts for almost 40 years. Violeta was awarded the Lithuanian Government Culture and Art Award in 2014. This award is given for special merits and a significant contribution to culture and arts. From 1980 she is a member of Association of Lithuanian Art Photographers (now Lithuanian Photographers Association). She participates in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad since 1980. In 1999 International Federation of Photography (FIAP) conferred her the name of Photo artist (AFIAP). In 2018, V. Bubelytė was the recipient of a Lithuanian Photographers Association Award given for impact on Lithuanian field of art photography in last few years.

„Violeta Bubelytė has established herself in the history of Lithuanian art as a unique and taboo braking artist. Her earlier works were created before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Violeta‘s self-nude photography was far from gaining public support at that time due to the context in art and photography, to by the political situation, emotional and psychological atmosphere. Even some of her colleagues felt uncomfortable with what the woman photographer was doing. That was certainly not to be expected from the public, which was more determined to condemn it rather than try to understand it.

In Soviet times Violeta‘s nude picture was incomprehensible mainly because she has been taking pictures of herself naked. Moreover, she began to create a kind of theatre by placing herself nude in front of the camera, being the main character, fixer, viewer and judge by herself. Her body became a creative tool, the material, the most important medium of the artistic expression. According to the author, she herself is absent in these photographs. Only her body and face have been borrowed for certain roles.

Returning to the same theme 12 years later, with the aging body, she has proven that her self-picture as well as her body are free from any restraints. By capturing her corporeality today, she does not search an aging signs, but boldly declares her altered personality – with a much broader life experience, more radical denial of sexuality, deeper irony and unlimited freedom“. Art Critic Danguolė Ruškienė

Artist’s works are in the collections of Lithuanian Art Museum, MO museum, Lithuanian Photographers Association, National Library, Paris, held in private collections in Lithuania and abroad.