Klaidas Paškevičius

Klaidas Paškevičius’ works are created with mixed media, dominated by pastel, that adds a sense of fragility and delicacy to his works. Exploring the multi-layered and dual nature of everyday life, the artist visualizes “portraits” that seem to be deformed. This is prompted by the changing environment and the intrusion of the virtual world into our lives. The subjects of Klaidas’s works often become heroes floating in space and time – frightened, dazed, seemingly merging with their surroundings, where the experiences being framed are intertwined with the artist’s memories.

The artist, who entered the professional art world at an older age and is still studying at the Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts, has already been included in an important exhibition presenting Lithuanian art, Vilnius Vibes, held at the Anger Museum in Erfurt, and a significant amount of his art works were subsequently acquired by a German collector.