Contour Art Gallery represents most prominent Lithuanian artists since 2016. We held exhibitions in the constantly changing places what creates new contexts for the artists’ ideas.
Showing the work of the best Lithuanian artists internationally and building careers for talented young artists step-by-step are the main objectives of Contour Art Gallery.
We have been producing a series of our exhibition video documentaries since 2020. They are published in the gallery’s YouTube channel.

The works of the represented artists are included in the collections of Lithuanian museums and art foundations, and are in high demand among Lithuanian art collectors.

Contour Art Gallery was established by economist and art critic Vilma Mačianskaitė. “After my MA research paper Contemporary Lithuanian Artists: Career Possibilities was published I founded a gallery of my own, focusing on an individual approach to each artist based on the particularity of their oeuvre, and thus gained trust and respect of most prominent Lithuanian artists”.

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