Out of the Shell

Works by Monika Furmana and Diana Remeikytė


3225, Sacramento str., San Francisco

California, US

II-VI  10 am – 5 pm

As part of San Francisco Art Week (https://sfartweek.com/), Contour Art Gallery is presenting works by two Lithuanian contemporary artists of different generations – Diana Remeikytė and Monika Furmana. 

The title Out of the Shell links the works in the exhibition to the space where they are exhibited. Contour Art Gallery is hosted by AEDICULE, a San Francisco-based studio, that has been operating here for more than 20 years. Aedicule maintains a rich tradition of gilding and old-world frame making. (https://www.aedicule.com/).

The exhibition features tufted carpets – textile paintings and watercolors by the young artist Diana Remeikytė. The artist’s work speaks of her childhood, pets, home, her loved ones. The works titled “Childhood”, “To Maintain” are as if woven from the young artist’s memories, which she wants to preserve – to close in the shell of her memories. 

Monika Furmana’s works are appropriation to Botticelli’s the “Birth of Venus.” A contemporary Venus-woman might be emerging from a shell/sink full of laundry, with the angel’s wings or a glass of wine. This is the perfect Venus of today, who is not always the Venus that male painters have seen in the history of art. 

These parallels and he references to the old masters create dialogue between the artists and with the exhibition’s venue AEDICULE, where the works of the old masters are framed with respect to all craftsmanship traditions.