Painting as poetry. Poetry as an awareness of the world, a particular way of relating to reality, a philosophy to guide one through life. Relying primarily on my personal experiences, I am looking for patterns in my own life, discovering connections that weren’t visible before and often juxtaposing seemingly unrelated images, which can produce an unexpected, strangely harmonious mood.

Each work is a visual poem, a whispered invitation to enter the territory where anything can happen. My aim is to personify the most inexplicable experiences and present them as documentation of the Other(world)ness and… its Closeness.

(Unconsciously) influenced by folk memory, my paintings are acute reactions to the uncanny, which people often tend to think of as the mystic, the occult and to write off as the stuff of tales – something that might exist, or had existed in the ancient world, somewhere, but not here, not anymore. In times when everything must be scientifically and psychoanalytically explained, inexplicable experiences are to be avoided, distanced. On the contrary, this is my field of interest. I suggest that, paradoxically, the uncanny lies in the mundane, and the mystic is very much here and now.